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Cybertech 2014

Build your robot and come to the competition!


Cybertech is an anual robot competition which is organized by the student's association Reset with the full División de Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática support. Thanks to the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

This competition has two categories: Classic and Pro .

In the Classic Category there are two kinds of challenges: maze and linefollower.

In the maze, the goal for the robots is to find the way out from a labyrinth autonomously.

In the linefollower, the robots have to follow a circuit painted on the floor.

The challenge increases as the competition goes on, with more and more complicated mazes and obstacles...

The Pro Category is thought for contestants more skillful, this year there is two challenges: Sumo and Catchball.

In the sumo, the robots figth each other tryng to immobilize the opponent or take out of the ring.

In the Catchball challenge, you need the sensory capacity to be able to locate balls of different colours and take it to a specific location before the opponent.

You can contact the organization here: Cybertech

The calendar for all the workshops, milestones and the competion is here: Cybertech


Cybertech Classic 2014 Classification
Final Classification
Position Team
Red Bot
404: Not found
Marilore y sus maromos
10º Robot Conspiracy
Sumo PRO Classification
Position Team
Speedy González
Catchball PRO Classification
Position Team

A week before the final tests....

We have gone mad!!!

Cybertech Classic contestants have invaded the battlefield of Cybertech Pro sumo robots. What consequences can there be for this reckless move? There will be a counterattack by sumo robots?


Download the schedule for the week here.

Cybertech 2014