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Biicode Seminar

Learn to program with control version with Biicode


Android SDK

Do you want a more delightful experience in programming? Biicode simplify your work with a control version wich makes easier to store, classify, share and reuse the code with all the programmers.

This is applicable to C/C++ environment and has support for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

The seminar will be held in ETSII on 4th March at 15:30 in the classroom 17. Join us now and learn all the advantages!

You can enrol in the Biicode seminar until 2nd March, to enrol fill out the form: Biicode

What You Need

  • A computer: you need to bring a computer so you can follow the seminar.
  • A raspberry pi or arduino in order to program them.
  • Fill out the form.


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Biicode Seminar