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Linux install party!

Let us help you install Ubuntu


Reset has prepared a workshop on how to install a GNU/Linux distribution in your computer. We'll help you installing the latest version of Ubuntu in your computer and you'll also learn a little about free software, GNU, Linux, hard drive partitioning and this great GNU/Linux distribution. Come and join our community!


If you think this is not for you then, before deciding, have a look at what Ubuntu is!

Ubuntu is easy to use, it's easy to trial and install, it's beautiful, stylish and fast, it's free and open source, it's free of viruses and it's up-to-date!


  • Introduction to free software: history and evolution.
  • GNU/Linux distributions: Ubuntu.
  • The installation process.

What you need

  • Your computer! With 40 GB of free space (for easier installation).
  • An Ubuntu ISO which you may download from the official website. If you are not sure about the options, just keep the defaults (11.10 and 32 bits) and click on the download button.
  • An USB memory stick with, at least, 1 GB of space (you may want to put the ISO file in it).
  • Send an email to saying that you are coming.

When and where

We are sorry, last "Linux install party!" workshop was the 26 October 2011. Our workshops usually take place once a year and around the same dates.

Stay tuned for future events!

Linux install party!