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Introduction to Java

Learn how to program with this Object Oriented Language!


Do you know what programming is? Have you done your firsts attempts, but you need some up level practices? Learn Java!

With this introduction course, learn what Object Oriented Programming is and explore a new world of software applications.

This is the first step to, for example, start programming Android. What are you waiting for?


This workshop is related to the Environmesh contest and it is imparted for free.



  • Object Oriented Programming.
    • Java IDEs: Eclipse and Netbeans.
      • Program structure and syntax.
        • Classes and objects.
          • Encapsulation and Visibility.
            • Inheritance.
              • Overloading.
                • Polimorfism.
                  • Interfaces.


                    What you need

                    • A computer: you may bring your laptop or borrow the ones we have in the lab.
                      • An IDE: enables you to write and build Java projects. We are going to use Eclipse.
                        • Send an email to saying that you are coming.

                          When and where

                          We are sorry, last "Introduction to Java" workshop was the 20 March 2013. Our workshops usually take place once a year and around the same dates.

                          Stay tuned for future events!

                          Introduction to Java