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Learn the basics about this art!


While building any robot we have to take into account that motors and any other kind of actuators that require power can not be powered directly through the microcontroller. That's why power amplifiers are needed. They allow you to provide the necessary voltage and current through the motor controller.

In Cybertech, we are using the Cybertech Motor Control power amplifier. Reset will teach you how it works, its components and how to build it.

What you need

All the materials will be provided to each team by Reset.

  • Cybertech Motor Control: power amplifier for controlling 2 DC motors and compatible with chipKIT Uno32.
  • Soldering iron, tin and soldering sponge.

When and where

We are sorry, last "Soldering" workshop was the 14 December 2012. Our workshops usually take place once a year and around the same dates.

Stay tuned for future events!